Embracing the Journey Toward Mindful Expansion

August 07 2023 – Amanda Tollefson

Embracing the Journey Toward Mindful Expansion

Embracing the Journey Toward Mindful Expansion

In the past seven years, my journey as an entrepreneur has been both challenging and rewarding. Discovering my business-oriented self has been an uphill climb, but the joy of formulating products that resonate with my customers has made it all worthwhile. Taking the time to listen to valuable feedback and making small changes has brought Tolly’s Treatments closer to achieving bigger goals, even though progress has been slow and, at times, difficult. Reflecting on this incredible path, I am now excited to share my vision for the future of Tolly's!

Over the next seven years, these three significant aspirations will guide Tolly’s brand's growth:


Tolly's has always been rooted in my values of mental and physical well-being. My ultimate goal is to combine these aspects into a product line that nourishes both the mind and body. I envision Tolly's making a positive impact in the mental health space, whether through our products or by offering personal support to organizations and communities in need.


My vision for Tolly's is to outgrow the local space and reach a wider audience of e-commerce customers. I aim to serve those seeking mindfulness, self-love, and clean products. Although the path ahead may have twists and turns, I am determined for Tolly’s to find its way and offer accessible, high-quality aromatherapy and skincare products to a vast community of wellness enthusiasts.


Building on Tolly’s roots in aromatherapy, my dream is to hone the product line and focus on the natural skincare realm fully. The market has evolved significantly since Tolly’s humble beginnings, and I want to embrace this opportunity by formulating and testing an innovative, clean skincare line that will be effective and easily accessible. I refuse to be daunted by fear and instead embrace the challenge of creating innovative blends that will captivate our customers, new and existing.

As Tolly’s steps into the future, I am so grateful for our customers’ and community’s unwavering support and invaluable feedback. Tolly's is whole-heartedly committed to mindful expansion, offering products that enrich your well-being and nurture your body and soul. I am excited to continue this wonderful and wild journey together with you!

Mindfully yours,

Mandi Tollefson

Founder and Visionary, Tolly's Treatments



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