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Tolly's is creating everyday aromatherapy products to encourage clean-living, mindfulness, and self-care. All of our products, including skincare, are formulated with a proprietary blend of organic essential oils.


Tolly's Treatments market set up with founder Mandi Tollefson

Maybe it’s cliche, but the Tolly’s brand really was born from love. Our last name is Tollefson, and Tolly is a family nickname, so it was only appropriate to label my handmade lip balm wedding favors with Tolly’s! It obviously stuck, and so did the lip balms. From there, the business bloomed into something I never thought possible.
In 2016, when I was pregnant with our first son, I brought all of my products to the markets – looking for a way out of the long and unpredictable hours of TV production – and instantly knew this was what I was going to continue doing. Since then we welcomed another baby boy, been through a global pandemic, and Tolly’s has continued to thrive through it all.
The lessons I’ve learned in building Tolly’s are uncountable. My entire mindset on life has become more empowered and fearless (although I think I will forever be learning that!). I’ve been inspired to lead a cleaner, more healthy lifestyle and teach others how to do the same. I’ve learned to learn from rejection and failure instead of let it ruin me. I’ve learned that being of service is truly what fulfills my soul.
My goal with Tolly’s is to show others that learning to live a more conscious, content, and cleaner life is not only possible, but easy – with the right tools!
Mindfully yours, 
Mandi Tollefson 
Owner and Visionary at Tolly's Treatments

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