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  • Hair Therapy: 6 Essential Oils for Hair Growth and Care

    July 07 2023 – Kiara Jackson

    Hair Therapy: 6 Essential Oils for Hair Growth and Care

    Discover the transformative power of essential oils for your hair. In this blog post, we explore the therapeutic benefits of six essential oils that can revitalize your locks and scalp as well as promote hair growth. Learn how rosemary oil boosts thickness, lavender oil combats hair loss, peppermint oil invigorates the scalp, tea tree oil addresses dandruff, ylang-ylang oil strengthens...

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  • Meet Our Founder: Mandi Tollefson

    January 17 2023 – Kiara Jackson

    Meet Our Founder: Mandi Tollefson

    After years of searching for truly natural skincare products for friends and herself—Mandi Tollefson noticed something major was missing from the market: clean, natural products for skin, body, and home. Specifically clean, natural products that are healing on a deeper level. Skincare products that touted non-toxic ingredients were easy to find, but ones made from safe and good-for-you ingredients that enhance your wellness was seriously...

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