Hand Sanitizer Sprays for Unprecedented Times

September 14 2020 – Kiara Jackson

Hand Sanitizer Sprays for Unprecedented Times

Hand Sanitizer Sprays for Unprecedented Times

Although we have now moved into a new era of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are still in the midst of it. If one thing is for certain, it's our promise to you that Tolly's is handcrafting clean, pure aromatherapy products in a sterile environment while wearing protective gear to help keep you safe. 

Also, we feel very fortunate to have the resources to craft Tolly's Hand Sanitizer Sprays with 65% pure ethyl alcohol plus antibacterial essential oils (lemon & lavender or sweet orange & clove) to help combat the spread of COVID-19. With each spray purchased, one will be donated to an essential worker in need. Shop Tolly's Hand Sanitizer Sprays here.

That being said, these trying times remain uncertain, but we are all in it together. Whether you're working from home, distance learning, staying home with kids, or wearing a mask and face shield all day in your office, Tolly's is here for you. These unprecedented times continue, my friends, and we shall overcome them.  

There are so many kinds of struggles happening in our world, and Tolly's wants to help you get through the days, including the highs and lows, feeling more at ease with our handcrafted essential oil blends. 

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